Our Services

Hiab Haulage

We provide a transport, loading and unloading service for clients in a range of industries which includes:

  • Containers
  • Porta-cabins
  • Toilet blocks
  • Carwashes
  • Steel work
  • Sculptures
  • Generators
  • Tanks
  • Scaffolding
  • Fork lifts
  • Log cabins
  • Garden rooms
  • Machinery (crated and uncrated)
  • Lathes
  • Large garden ornaments
  • Air conditioning units
  • Waste paper bailers
  • Signs
  • Totum poles
  • Palletised cargo


With our hiab crane equipped vehicles we can load, transport and lift into position a range of different items.

Our hiab crane equipped vehicles are fully remote controlled and have a lifting capacity of:

13.400kg @ 3.89m
2.570kg @ 14.37m

Containers And Cabins

With our hiab crane equipped vehicles we can transport a range of containers and cabins to your site and place into position.

Our long reach hiab (14.37m) is ideal for work on some sites that are confined and have restricted access.